EXCLUSIVE: Fired ICIG Atkinson Helped Create Corrupt Trump Impeachment Sham As Last Ditch Effort to Hide His and Obama’s Criminal FISA Abuse Acts

Fired ICIG Michael Atkinson acted like a mad man when he broke all the rules and pushed forward with the fraudulent whistleblower’s report that led to the most corrupt act against a President in US history.  Atkinson did this as a last ditch effort to cover for his previous crimes.

Last week we reported on the DOJ’s Office of Inspector General report related to the FBI’s actions its FISA procedures.

DOJ IG Horowitz’s office found errors in all of the 29 FISA applications it reviewed during an audit as follow-up to the investigation of the Bureau’s illegal spying of Carter Page and therefore candidate and President Trump.

The OIG released a report on Tuesday revealing the FBI’s FISA abuse is still a widespread ongoing problem.

“As a result of our audit work to date and as described below, we do not have confidence that the FBI has executed its Woods Procedures in compliance with FBI policy,” the OIG said in a 17-page memorandum.

The “Woods Procedures” provide for additional documentation and support for the FISA requests being requested by the FBI from the FISA Court (FISC).

The FISC last Friday ordered the FBI to provide “names” and “docket numbers” for the 29 applications “for which the FBI could not locate a Woods File and the three for which it could not say whether a Woods File ever existed,” reported CBS’s Catherine Herridge.

The FISC will assess whether the errors render the spy applications invalid.

Notable is the fact that the FISA documents reviewed by DOJ IG Horowitz’s team overlap with the time that former Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) Michael Atkinson worked for the DOJ in the role of ensuring the FISA warrant requests were legal.

Former US Attorney Joe diGenova was on the air this past week and he discussed the recent FISA Report released last week by the DOJ IG Horowitz.  Rightfully so, diGenova shared his disgust with former ICIG Michael Atkinson.

Atkinson’s testimony in the basement of the US Capital in front of Adam Schiff’s corrupt impeachment sham has to this day not been released by Schiff and the Democrats in Congress.  Once the Republicans take back the House, this document can be released.  Clearly, Schiff has not shared this testimony because it will be damning to Schiff’s entire bogus case against President Trump.


What diGenova also discussed in his segment this week is that the Obama Administration was not following rules or laws related to FISA warrants during most, if not all of his Administration.  Former and now fired ICIG Atkinson was at the heart of these criminal activities at that time in the Obama Administration.

It now is clear why Atkinson was so reckless in pushing the fraudulent whistleblower’s report leading to the Trump impeachment.  Atkinson and his Deep State accomplices felt if he could remove President Trump from office, either through the impeachment or the upcoming election, then his corrupt actions while under the Obama Administration would go away.

This is the reason behind all the corrupt efforts to have President Trump removed from office.  It is all about preventing prior crimes from being discovered.

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