EXCLUSIVE: 2018 DOJ Memo to FISA Court Contained at Least 8 Lies which Ensured Mueller Investigation Would Continue

A DOJ response to the FISA Court from 2018 was just released.  At least eight lies are identified in the memo used to ensure the Mueller sham would continue.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, released a number of documents four days ago to the public.  One of the documents released was a July 2018 letter from the DOJ to the FISA court alerting the court to some of the significant errors and omissions in the Carter Page FISA applications (letter) signed by Assistant Attorney General John Demers.

There are numerous lies in the Fisa application document.  Below are eight of them:

1. The DOJ letter refers to the Nunes and Schiff memos released in February 2018 and states that with this new information the Deep State attorneys leading the DOJ at that time still believed that the Carter Page FISA applications contained sufficient support that the agent they were spying on was an agent of a foreign power [Russia].  Of course, this was a lie.

The memo goes on and lists the dates of the Carter Page FISA renewals, which were withheld from the public for years.  The memo also notes that the last FISA renewal ended on September 22, 2017.  This means that Carter Page, as well as candidate and President Trump, were spied on from October 21, 2016, before the 2016 election, and then for nearly a year in total.  By obtaining the FISA application on Carter Page, the government could presumably spy on President Trump and anyone President Trump was in touch with over this period of time based on the ‘three hop’ method the FISA Warrants provide.

2. In addition, the DOJ claimed that Carter Page was targeted by Russia when in fact they knew that his connections with Russia were were as a result of his time as a CIA agent working for the US in spying on Russians.  This information was altered and then provided to the court omitting that Page was working for the CIA:

3. The document goes on to state that a friendly foreign government, which is not identified, reported that George Papadopoulos was perhaps coordinating with Page and Russia.  What is left out is that Papadopoulos and Page were being spied on at that time and Papadopoulos was being pushed information that later was to be pulled out by the Deep State to use against Papadopoulos and his contacts, likely including President Trump.

4. The government then goes on to mention activities related to Papadopoulos that no doubt were in the press at that time and claims that Papadopoulos’s discussions were “consensually recorded”.  But we now know that Papadopoulos was not aware at the time that he was being taped.

5. Then the DOJ claims that none of what Papadopoulos shared would have impacted the Carter Page FISA, but this is not true as well.  The information from Papadopoulos refuted the government’s position required to obtain the FISA to spy on the Trump team and if included in the FISA, may have prevented the FISA from going forward, especially if the other lies were not omitted as well.

6. The DOJ next discussed information about its “Source 1”.  One item that jumps out is that the source, believed to be British MI6 Agent Christopher Steele, was handled before September 2016, which is the date when Steele reportedly first interacted with the DOJ:

Lying Adam Schiff’s memo was where it was noted that Steele was not used until September 2016:


7. and 8. The DOJ said they still didn’t think Steele was behind the Yahoo News leak and the DOJ claimed the Primary Sub Source (PSS) was found to be believable, but in the DOJ IG’s report from December 2019, not a single person could be found who believed this.

After numerous lies and in an attempt to keep the Mueller gang going with their bogus investigation, in spite of many illegal acts, the DOJ signed off on the document to the FISC stating the FBI reviewed and confirmed its factual accuracy!

What a bunch of human scum!

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