Burr Gets Busted: Corrupt Senate Intel Committee Releases Bogus Report Based on Mueller Charges Against Russian Company in a Garbage Case Dropped Last Month

The corrupt Senate Intel Committee released a report yesterday claiming that the Russians did indeed impact the 2016 election in their efforts to ensure candidate Trump beat Hillary Clinton. 

This total garbage tale was promoted by the MSM for the past three plus years and was totally debunked.

But the corrupt Democrats and Republicans on the committee had to get this out now in an effort to protect themselves from the Durham investigation.

Yesterday it was reported that the Senate Intel Committee, led by Republican Senator Richard Burr and Democrat Senator Mark Warner, released a report, without support, that claims Russia influenced the 2016 Presidential election in an effort to help candidate Trump win.  Of course this is nonsense as it has been debunked numerous times these past few years.

Lou Dobbs discussed this report with Republican Representative Devin Nunes last night on Lou Dobbs Tonight on FOX Business Network:

Nunes stood by his report which contradicts the Senate report.  Nunes said he and his fellow Republicans on the committees will continue to pursue the truth no matter what the liberal media, Democrats, the DOJ, Durham or the Senate do.

Unfortunately for America and the truth, the Republican running the Intel Committee is Senator Richard Burr.  Burr has been a Trump hater from the start.  Although a Republican, he runs the Intel Committee as if he were a Democrat.  Burr was responsible for the horrible hearing with James Comey in early 2017 when Burr and Comey did all they could to slander President Trump and have him removed from office.

Burr also brought in the President’s son for hours of questioning before his committee related to the event in Trump Tower which we now know was a set up.  Burr’s actions are abusive and corrupt.

And recently, Burr reportedly made hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock trades in January based on insider information and is currently under investigation by the DOJ for these trades.  Burr does not like the President and has worked to impeach him but for some reason is allowed to continue to run the Republican led Intel Committee by Senator Majority Leader McConnell.

The Senate Report

Unfortunately for Senators Burr and Warner, their report was garbage and has been debunked numerous times already.  The 85 page report looked like it was thrown together from debunked information that was first released a few years ago.  It literally is a joke but the New York Times praised the masterpiece:

For years, President Trump has derided the assessment by American intelligence officials that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election to assist his candidacy, dismissing it without evidence as the work of a “deep state” out to undermine his victory.

But on Tuesday, a long-awaited Senate review led by members of Mr. Trump’s own party effectively undercut those allegations. A three-year review by the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee unanimously found that the intelligence community assessment, pinning blame on Russia and outlining its goals to undercut American democracy, was fundamentally sound and untainted by politics.

But the Democrats and the New York Times are again pushing more fake news per a cursory review of the Intel report released yesterday.  The report is all about how the Russians created a misinformation campaign in 2016 to help candidate Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the election.  They claim a company by the name of the Internet Research Agency (IRA) used social media to conduct the Russian misinformation campaign:

The report curiously omits Concord Management, or if it is in the report, it has been redacted.  Concord was one of the companies the Mueller gang indicted along with its owner after the 2016 election and is one of the companies under the IRA umbrella.

The Intel report also claims that $100K in Facebook ads stole the election for President Trump:

This is laughable at best as was the Mueller gang’s case against Concord Management and Concord Catering, two firms under the IRA umbrella.

Concord Management

In our post from October 2018 we reported on how horrible the Concord case was going for the Mueller gang.  Here is what we reported:

In an effort to tie their corrupt investigation to Russia, the Mueller team indicted 13 Russians after presenting their cases to a grand jury in February of this year. Immediately, these indictments were suspect as everyone on the corrupt Mueller team knew that these ‘Russians’ would never be brought to justice, even if they were real, because they would never come to the US to stand trial and risk being put in jail.

Unfortunately for Mueller however, this soon turned into a royal mess. Lawyers defending one of three Russian companies indicted with the 13 Russians, Concord Management, showed up for court. Mueller’s team was caught off guard and never expected this. They immediately asked the judge for more time but the judge denied their pleas noting that they were the ones who indicted the Russian company in the first place.

When the case proceeded, the Concord attorneys noted that another of the three companies indicted by Mueller was not in existence at the time of Mueller’s indictment. They called this a case of Mueller indicting the proverbial ‘ham sandwich’.

At a following court appearance, the attorneys representing Concord stated that the corrupt Mueller team’s allegations of 13 Russian individuals impacting the 2016 election were “made up” nonsense. The individuals were not even real.

Concord Management’s lawyers revealed that Mueller’s team had ignored over 70 discovery requests they had made for information in the case. In response Mueller’s team offered to give Concord Management’s lawyers a massive amount of social media data from those dangerous trolls who sought to influence the US election and the majority of the data was in RUSSIAN. Of course, the liberal media in the US ignored this huge development and continue to lie to the US public to this day.

Mueller’s lawyers then admitted that they didn’t even have English translations for the Russian social media posts. However, somehow Mueller’s lawyers believed Americans were influenced by these Russian language posts?

The case of the Russians has now turned into a big joke as the legitimacy of the Mueller indictment is being challenged by Concord Management.

In a hearing on October 15th, Concord Management claimed that the Special Counsel’s entire case is built around a 100 year old law that the Mueller team is trying to use in a manner it was not built for.

Then Concord Management accused Mueller of making up a crime because they don’t have evidence they need to push their cases forward –

Concord Management argues that Mueller’s team wants to be able to regulate what people say on the Internet –

In a follow up brief to the court on October 23rd, Concord stated

Concord has consistently argued that hte Indictment charges no crime at all (interference with an election), but to the extent if purports to charge a crime the essential element of willfulness is fatally absent. The Special Counsel’s retort has been that he was not required to charge willfulness because he did not charge violations of FECA or FARA. Now, in mind-bending, intergalactic, whiplash fashion, he says for the first time, I did, I charged violations of FECA and FARA.(1) Reminiscent of the old adage, “Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself,” the Special Counsel just did so.

(1) Which sounds a lot like “I did, I did, I taw a puddy tat.” Tweetie (1948).

A few weeks ago, in March 2020, the Mueller gang dropped their case against Concord Management:

But weeks before the case was set to go to trial, federal prosecutors filed a motion Monday asking the court to dismiss the single count of conspiracy to defraud the U.S. brought against both Concord companies.

“Upon careful consideration of all of the circumstances, and particularly in light of recent events and a change in the balance of the government’s proof due to a classification determination, as well as other facts described in more detail in a classified addendum to this motion, the government has concluded that further proceedings as to Concord, a Russian company with no presence in the United States and no exposure to meaningful punishment in the event of a conviction, promotes neither the interests of justice nor the nation’s security,” the prosecutors wrote.

U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich granted the government’s request later Monday.

In a statement posted Tuesday by Concord on VK, a Russian social networking service, Mr. Prigozhin argued the prosecution’s decision means claims that Russian interfered in the 2016 race are “lies and fiction.”

“I believe that the trial between Concord and the U.S. government is not over,” Mr. Prigozhin said in Russian. “Currently, a Concord v. USA lawsuit is being prepared for unlawful prosecution and sanctions of $50 billion.”

In essence the entire Intel Report released yesterday was thrown out of court a few weeks ago along with the Concord Management case. 

Implications of Intel Committee Report

As the New York Times noted in their report:

The endorsement by Mr. Burr’s committee comes at a key moment for the intelligence agencies. Not only has Mr. Trump moved in recent months to install a loyalist in the top spy position, but Attorney General William P. Barr has also blessed a broad review of possible misconduct by investigators examining the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia, apparently including work by intelligence officials.

The federal prosecutor whom Mr. Barr appointed to review the government’s response to Russian election interference, John H. Durham, is examining whether the C.I.A. or other intelligence agencies overstated President Vladimir V. Putin’s support of the Trump campaign, a central finding of the 2017 assessment. His team has interviewed intelligence analysts, questioning whether Obama-era intelligence officials hid evidence or manipulated analysis about Moscow’s covert operation, people familiar with the Durham inquiry have said.

This is why this report came out now.  Former US Attorney Joe diGenova said on Monday that the Durham investigation is being built around what Nunes above calls the ‘Obama dossier’.  This was the report commissioned by Obama after the 2016 election that was miraculously completed in three weeks while Obama was still President which said similar Russian tales as the Senate Intel report released yesterday.

diGenova says the ‘Obama dossier’ will be the centerpiece of the Durham investigation.  This document was put in place to dog President Trump his entire first term.  The Democrats needed to provide the document cover and so they released this bogus report yesterday.

See the video below at the 8:00 mark:


The Democrats are using the Senate Intel Committee to slander President Trump on false Russia charges once more, in spite of their arguments being totally debunked and a related case being thrown out of court.  And Republican Senators for some reason are allowing this to happen!





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