Venezuelan General is Extradited to US – Second General Surrenders After US Puts Bounty on Leaders of Criminal Socialist Maduro Regime

On Thursday US Attorney General William Barr along with the DEA and prosecutors from the Justice Department filed charges against the Maduro regime.
The US Department of Justice accused the Maduro regime of narco-terrorism, drug trafficking, corruption and money laundering.  The charges were made against Maduro, Diosdado Cabello and 12 members of the Venezuelan cartel.

The US offered a generous reward of millions of US dollars for handing over to regime criminals making the announcement much more attractive.

On Saturday Venezuelan General Cliver Alcala was in custody in New York City.

General Alcalá is the first regime official to be detained by the US authorities.
The socialist general will be presented before the federal court for being part of the criminal Venezuelan cartel.

According to the El the Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro responded to the US threats, saying, “From here they take me dead”.

The narco-dictator added, “Are they going to accuse us of being terrorists? Here we are, the sons of Chávez. They will not be able to do this to us.”

After the US threats another regim official, Vladimir Padrino Lopez said he was absolutely loyal to the socialist regime.

During his speech, the Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López, said “no empire” will make him give in and he will defend his revolutionary and anti-imperialist principles.

By the way, General Hugo Carvajal has also decided to turn himself in to US authorities. The decision is being processed in Spain and will be effective in a few hours.

The US Justice Department offered $ 10 million to obtain information Carvajal’s his whereabouts.

Most importantly, this would be the second member of the Venezuelan cartel to surrender.

Venezuelans are celebrating in public places the wise decision of the United States Department of Justice.

Finally, they presented” the wall of shame”. The Socialist mob in power has put Venezuela in the worst crisis in its modern history. It is necessary to remove this deadly and immoral regime.

Elda Primera is a Venezuelan journalist in exile. She is a journalist covering the Venezuelan crisis. She was a television and radio reporter for 19 years in Venezuela before fleeing the country late last year. Currently, Elda continues to write about the Venezuelan conflict.  Elda is an expert on the dangers of socialism.  She is committed to freedom of expression and the restitution of democracy for a better world.

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