Try to Keep Up, Joe! Biden Demands Trump Invoke the Defense Production Act Minutes After Trump… Invokes the Defense Production Act

Old Joe is a few steps behind as usual.

Joe Biden on Wednesday released a statement demanding President Trump invoke the Defense Production Act minutes after Trump…invoked the Defense Production Act.

Biden has never had an original thought in his life.

President Trump on Wednesday announced he will invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA) which allows his admin to demand an increase in production in medical supplies from American companies in order to combat the Coronavirus.

Hospitals and other health care facilities are saying they are running out of masks, gloves and other products crucial to keeping workers safe.

Trump’s campaign mocked Biden for being slow to the punch…as usual.

“Try to keep up, Joe!”

“As per usual, Joe Biden is just a few steps behind the unprecedented action President Trump is taking to combat the Coronavirus.”

“Joe Biden continues to plagiarize President Trump’s plan to combat the coronavirus.”

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