Trump Trolls Liberal Media at CDC – His “Keep America Great” Hat Too Much for Jake Tapper

President Trump wore his ‘Keep America Great’ hat during his tour at the Center for Disease Control in Georgia on Friday.

The KAG hat was too much for Jake Tapper at CNN. The afternoon host cut away not wanting to promote his “photo op.”

CNN gets triggered easily these days.

Via Mediaite:

CNN host Jake Tapper dismissed President Donald Trump’s appearance at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a “photo op” after the president was recorded wearing a “Keep America Great” hat.

As footage of President Trump in a bright red campaign hat at the CDC played, Tapper said, “President Trump right now wearing one of his re-election campaign hats at the Center for Disease Control. We will, if there is any news made there, we will bring it to you, but in meantime it looks pretty much just like a photo op, again wearing a campaign hat.”

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