Stunning: Corrupt Roger Stone Jury Forewoman Is Connected To Court Appointed Lawyer

The corrupt and criminal actions of Judge Amy Berman Jackson in the Roger Stone case are enough to make you want to give up on the idea that justice blind. We have reported for years about how Judge ABJ doesn’t belong on the bench and is nothing but a far-left activist hidden under an ominous black robe. She has allowed evidence to be suppressed, a tainted jury to be assembled, and rogue prosecutors to run amok in her courtroom.

THIS WAS A DEMOCRAT LYNCHING: All Four Prosecutors in Roger Stone Case Are Far Left Agents with Impressive Liberal Credentials

She sentenced Roger Stone to over 3 years for having the courage and conviction to refuse efforts by the Mueller prosecutors to get him to lie about his longtime friend Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

PRESIDENT TRUMP Responds to Roger Stone Sentencing by Crackpot Demon Judge Amy Berman Jackson

After independent journalist and filmmaker Mike Cernovich exposed the deep and consistent bias of Tomeka Hart, the jury forewoman in the Roger Stone trial, Judge Amy Berman Jackson claimed the jury acted with integrity and that their honor should not be questioned. Further, she claimed on several occasions that any investigations looking at the political histories of jurors like Hart, who had outed herself post-trial, was putting the jurors safety at risk.

Roger Stone Files Motion for Judge Amy Berman Jackson to Recuse Herself After She Praised ‘Integrity’ of Jurors

Despite the fact that Tomeka Hart and Seth Cousins (the other far-left activist who outed himself) consistently lied on their jury questionnaires and during the pre-trial selection process, Judge Amy Berman Jackson has refused to release the jury questionnaires or hold the tainted jury accountable.

Roger Stone Juror Outs Himself as Hard Core Leftist After Trial and Before Sentencing, Proves Poisoned Jury Pool Theory

Roger Stone has fought to have the charges dismissed, a motion that Amy Berman Jackson has yet to rule on. At the same time, journalist and filmmaker Mike Cernovich has filed a motion with the court as an intervenor requesting to unseal the juror questionnaires so that it can be determined just how many of the jurors on the all Democrat jury lied about their extreme bias against Roger Stone and President Donald J. Trump.

Author, Filmmaker and Activist Mike Cernovich Files Motion to Access Questionnaire of Jury Foreperson in Roger Stone Trial

In response to Cernovich’s motion, Judge Amy Berman Jackson appointed a pricey D.C. lawyer to represent the jurors, gifting them a blank check and the best defense money could buy.

Immediately, Alan C. Raul, Jackson’s puppeteer, claimed that the release of the documents should be denied because it could violate the privacy of the jurors.

Roger Stone Jurors Resist Legal Challenge by Mike Cernovich to Unseal Jury Questionnaires

Now, TGP has discovered that Alan C. Raul and the Trump-Stone hating jury forewoman Tomeka Hart served on the advisory board of the Center for American Democracy and Technology.

To think that Judge Amy Berman Jackson is so comfortable in her corruption that she would allow another conflict of interest to happen in her courtroom is almost unbelievable, except it isn’t. She believes she is above the law and cannot be held accountable. On the biography page of the Sidley Austin law firm where Raul serves as a partner, he openly admits in his bio that he serves on the advisory board of the Center for American Democracy and Technology.

A press release from the organization, obtained by TGP, shows them celebrating the fact that Tomeka Hart has also served on the Center for American Democracy and Technology’s advisory board.

Tomeka Hart – Center for De… by Jacob Engels on Scribd

We know she won’t and we know she will likely lecture us for pointing out the obvious, but Judge Amy Berman Jackson should remove Raul and the jurors should be left to contract their own legal counsel. In the meantime, Americans are waiting for President Trump to pardon both Roger Stone and General Flynn.

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