STUNNING! MSNBC Idiots Brian Williams and NY Times Hack Mara Gay Reveal on Live TV They Can’t Do Basic Math — So Stupid (VIDEO)

And these idiots are lecturing the American public on a daily basis?

On MSNBC Brian Williams and New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay argued on Thursday that Bloomberg could have gifted every American $1 million instead of wasting money on his presidential campaign.

This actually ran on live TV.

They even flashed this stupid tweet by Mekita Rivas on the screen.

This tweet slipped past all the factcheckers?
How is this possible?

Via Conservative Treehouse:

What happened since:

First Mekita Rivas persisted, for a short while, in own stupidity

Then journalist Mekita Rivas deleted her dumb tweet, due to instant brutal feedback. That makes Williams and Gay, and MSNBC even more derelict.

Mekita Rivas updated the bylines “I know, I’m bad at math“, and then made the account private.

Mara Gay, who’s pinned tweet is about “racism”, and who’s articles and TV appearances focus on ‘racism in the USA’, excuses her stupidity…you guessed it…on ‘racism’ and ‘being tired’ from writing about “racism in the South”, and why “we need Biden”. Her leftie ‘reporter’ peer excuses her too

To which the replies excuse her stupidity, mostly. If you don’t ‘you are the racists’. They know little and learn even less from their idiocies, but you “don’t know science”, they hector you, 24/7.

Two hours after the original debacle aired, the show put out an apology

No word, yet, on Brian Williams’ state of employment, awareness, or of his science quotient. He is the proven liar who hectors society, arrogantly, from high up, on-going.

These are our ‘superiors’, never forget, who want power over you and your families and lives.

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