Republican Lawmakers Call for Chinese Communist Party to Be Banned From Twitter for Misinformation and Propaganda

Senator Ben Sasse and Rep. Mike Gallagher are calling on Twitter to ban accounts belonging to the Chinese Communist Party, following massive propaganda efforts regarding the coronavirus coming from China.

The Republicans sent a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Friday urging him to remove the CCP and other governments that ban access to their citizens from the platform. Along with China, Iran and North Korea also ban the use of Twitter by the public, but government officials use it to spread propaganda.

“While the coronavirus pandemic is afflicting families, governments, and markets around the world, the Chinese Communist Party is waging a massive propaganda campaign to rewrite the history of COVID-19 and whitewash the Party’s lies to the Chinese people and the world,” Gallagher and Sasse wrote in the letter.

“By banning Twitter in China, the Chinese Communist Party is keeping its citizens in the dark,” the letter continues. “By putting propaganda on Twitter, the Chinese Communist Party is lying to the rest of the world.”

The letter referenced China’s efforts to blame the United States for the outbreak that originated in Wuhan.

“It is clear that Chinese Communist Party officials are using Twitter to disseminate propaganda in the midst of a dangerous global crisis,” they continued. “Even worse, this propaganda obscures and confuses users over the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and potentially undermines efforts to contain and control the outbreak. We believe this behavior more than warrants their removal from the platform.”

Twitter recently expanded their rules to target “misinformation” about the coronavirus, but has allowed the CCP to continue spreading lies on the platform. Under the new terms of service, users are forbidden from posting misinformation about the virus, denying expert recommendations, promoting fake treatments and prevention techniques, or misleadingly claiming to be from authorities.


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