REPORT: Michael Bloomberg Spent Almost A Billion Dollars On His Failed Three Month Long Campaign

It was previously reported that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent $500 million on his failed presidential campaign.

The actual figure is much higher.

Bloomberg spent $900 million.

The Hill reports:

Bloomberg spent over $900M on presidential campaign

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg dropped more than $900 million on his presidential campaign, an eye-popping figure for a White House bid that lasted a little more than three months.

New filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) showed that Bloomberg, a billionaire who personally bankrolled his bid, spent $875,369,840.07 through the end of February. The campaign accrued debts of an additional $31,661,136.33.

Bloomberg’s campaign, which was launched in November to try to settle nerves of moderates who feared a surging progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), relied on an intense advertising blitz to close the gap on candidates who had been campaigning for months.

The filings show that the Bloomberg campaign spent more than $500 million on television advertising alone, as well as more than $100 million on digital ads. It also dropped more than $15 million on polling.

This is absolutely stunning.

On top of this, his campaign staffers are now out of work but claim they were told they would have jobs through November no matter what happened.

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