President Trump Points Out He Was Called “Xenophobic” by “Sleepy Joe Biden” For Restricting Travel with China Back in January (VIDEO)

President Trump held another press briefing on Saturday to address his administration’s efforts in combating the Coronavirus.

The President didn’t skip a beat and pointed out he was called “xenophobic” by “Sleepy Joe Biden” when he restricted travel from China back in January.

President Trump’s decision to restrict travel from China early on and then to ban incoming flights from Europe saved lives.

But Joe Biden was still advocating for open borders even a week ago amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

“…The fact that we closed so early to China — and most people — hey look, I was called ‘xenophobic’ by Sleepy Joe Biden. I was called a racist by Democrats…” said Trump.

Sleepy Joe won’t be able to respond to President Trump until Monday because he is currently holed up at his home in Delaware practicing “social distancing” because of the Coronavirus.


Trump is a true leader and the polls reflect it because his approval numbers are soaring with every televised briefing he gives.

Three polls released late this week show a majority of Americans approve of President Trump’s handling of the Chinese Coronavirus crisis.

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