President Trump Asks Putin to Assist in the Transition in Venezuela — Socialist Regime Harasses Opposition

President Donald Trump asks his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to contribute to a transition in Venezuela.

After the cessation of operations in Venezuela by the Russian state oil company Rosneft President Trump reiterated that the situation in Venezuela is serious.  This is according to a statement issued by the White House.

Meanwhile, the oppressive Socialist Maduro regime continues with arbitrary arrests.  Threats and kidnappings are the daily orders against the opposition in Venezuela.

Moreover, according to post by the FAES Instagram  Rómulo García and Víctor Silo from the Juan Guaidó team are currently being detained by the tyrant’s regime.  The Guaido officials were  kidnapped in the street by the FAES and the crime was recorded.

Regime officials went to the residence of the President in charge Juan Guaidó with the excuse of a medical checkup for the COVID-19.  These measures are part of the persecution and continued intimidation of the dictator Nicolas Maduro.

The violence, unfounded accusations and threats constitute the socialist regime’s repressive system.

Also the ambassador to US Carlos Vecchio publish:  We are clear with the international community. We are facing a criminal organization that tie to terrorism and drug trafficking.


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We denounce the threat and attack of the Maduro dictatorship against the homes of various congressmen of the National Assembly of #Venezuela (@AsambleaVE) and social leaders from different areas of the country. The “Bolivarian fury” threatened the lives of their families with graffiti.⁣ ⁣ The homes of congressmen Bolivia Suarez, Jose Mendoza, Armando Armas, Karin Vera, Carlos Michelangeli, Héctor Cordero and Larissa González were vandalized. Social leaders Horacio Guzman, Jose Petralia, Juan Figuera and regional leader of #LGBTQ movement, Maga Martinez, were also attacked.⁣ ⁣ This is how drug terrorist organizations act. This is their typical response: to try and impose a form of psycho-terror to silence those who morally oppose their line of work.⁣ ⁣ Our congressmen and social leaders are firm and will continue to move forward in the fight against the narco-regime for a Free #Venezuela.⁣ ⁣ ### ⁣ ⁣ Denunciamos la amenaza y el ataque de la dictadura de Maduro contra los hogares de varios congresistas de la Asamblea Nacional de #Venezuela (@AsambleaVE) y líderes sociales de diferentes áreas del país. La “furia bolivariana” amenazó las vidas de sus familias en graffitis.⁣ ⁣ Las casas de los congresistas Bolivia Suarez, Jose Mendoza, Armando Armas, Karin Vera, Carlos Michelangeli, Héctor Cordero y Larissa González fueron destrozadas. Los hogares de los líderes sociales Horacio Guzman, Jose Petralia, Juan Figuera y de la líder regional del movimiento #LGBTQ, Maga Martinez, también fueron atacados.⁣ ⁣ Así es como actúan las organizaciones narcoterroristas. Esta es su respuesta típica: tratar de imponer una forma de psico-terror para silenciar a aquellos que se oponen moralmente a su negocio.⁣ ⁣ Nuestros congresistas y líderes sociales están firmes y seguirán avanzando en la lucha contra el narco-régimen por un #Venezuelalibre.

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As a result, President Guaidó proposed an emergency government. But those accused of terrorism, drug trafficking or violation of human rights cannot participate.
Guaidó stressed that the reconstruction of Venezuela is a responsibility for honest Venezuelans, with morals, who are willing to work.
We are ready for a new beginning by the hand of God and our allies.

Elda Primera is a Venezuelan journalist in exile. She is a journalist covering the Venezuelan crisis. She was a television and radio reporter for 19 years in Venezuela before fleeing the country late last year. Currently, Elda continues to write about the Venezuelan conflict.  Elda is an expert on the dangers of socialism.  She is committed to freedom of expression and the restitution of democracy for a better wor

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