New Jersey’s Democrat Governor Phil Murphy Thanks President Trump For Help With Coronavirus Crisis (VIDEO)

The positive feedback President Trump is getting from Democrats all over the country is shocking and a pleasant surprise.

New Jersey’s Democrat Governor Phil Murphy has been a longtime critic of Trump but during a meeting at the White House this week, Murphy thanked Trump and Vice President Pence for their help in managing the crisis.

Here’s a transcript of their conversation via the White House website:

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Very good. And thank you very much. And we will consider everything you’ve said. Thank you very much.

Okay. Who’s next? Next governor, please?

GOVERNOR MURPHY: Hi, this is Phil Murphy.

THE PRESIDENT: You’re looking well, Phil. You’re looking well.

GOVERNOR MURPHY: Thank you, Mr. President. So are you. Good to see you and the Vice President. Thank you for everything.


GOVERNOR MURPHY: Just a couple quick points. We’ve had really good — a really good week with FEMA, so I want to give them a shout-out. FEMA Region II is helping us —


GOVERNOR MURPHY: — set up testing. The Army Corps is actually visiting us in this building at 4 o’clock today to talk about repurposing facilities for more beds. So thank you for that.


GOVERNOR MURPHY: We’ve has conversations with the VA in terms of backup medical support.

Two areas. One, just in terms of where we’re going need some help: One is to underscore Governor Kemp’s point on flexible block grants. Those will be important to us to allow us to continue to serve our people.

And secondly, we are — the Lord helps those that help themselves. So I promise you we’re doing everything we can get PPE. We’re acquiring it. We’re getting donations, but we still are going to need a big slug-out of the Strategic Stockpile. So for all the above: Many, many thanks.

THE PRESIDENT: And so, Phil, try — try what you can. Do the best you can to get what you can actually get. And we’re also having a lot of things produced that, frankly, nobody has ever seen anything like this before. But do the best you can.

And on block grants, we’re going to consider that very strongly. Thank you, Phil.

GOVERNOR MURPHY: Thanks, Mr. President.

Watch the video:

It’s amazing how this crisis has brought people together.

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