Memorial for 9/11 First Responders Vandalized in Massachusetts Has Been Restored By Volunteers

A Massachusetts memorial honoring the police and firefighters who heroically responded during the 9/11 terrorist attacks has been restored by volunteers after being vandalized last month.

High definition security cameras have also been installed in an effort to deter future damage at the Plymouth memorial.

In February, someone broke the head off the police officer statue and smashed the firefighter. The thug also destroyed a similar statue that was standing outside a local produce shop owned by a man named Dicky Quintal around the same time.

“After donations for repairs started pouring in, Quintal built an expanded memorial that included the names of all of the victims of the attacks. Quintal later donated the memorial to the town and continues to help maintain the memorial. He is now handing off those duties to firefighters, who lead annual observances at the site every Sept. 11,” Firehouse reports.

As soon as word spread about the vandal, off-duty fireman began flocking to the scene to assist in cleaning up the area. Remembering these heroes is important to them, as 343 firefighters perished in the attacks.

Brian Baragwanath, president of the local firefighters union, told Firehouse that the vandalism solidified firefighters’ resolve to look after the memorial and spawned an even greater response of community pride.

“Because of this bad cause, we came together and turned it into something good,” he said.