Liberal Hack Reporters Deliberately Use Half of President Trump’s Quote in Conference Call with Governors on Coronavirus in Order to Cause Panic

The fraudstream media is truly the enemy of the American people.

President Trump on Monday spoke to the nation’s governors as part of his ongoing efforts to assist states in combating the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Like clockwork the lying liberal media hacks only used half of President Trump’s quote to governors in order to cause more panic and mass hysteria.

New York Times reporter Mara Gay is not only bad at math, she deliberately only used half of the President’s quote in order to make it sound like Trump told the governors they are on their own.

“Trump told governors this morning they are on their own: “Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves,” Mr. Trump told the governors during the conference call, a recording of which was shared with The New York Times,” Mara Gay said on Twitter.

Julie Bosman, another New York Times hack reporter did the same thing as Mara Gay and only used half of Trump’s quote.

This was irresponsible and misleading.

The full quote from President Trump is as follows: “We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.”

Mark Meadows Comms Director blasted Mara Gay for her “appalling” misrepresentation of Trump’s quote.

Trump’s 2020 Director of Communications blasted Mara Gay.

It was deliberate.

The media is lying to the American people.

The fraudstream media has caused mass hysteria over the Coronavirus and Americans are panic buying and fighting each other for rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Brawls broke out across the country at Costco, Sam’s Club and smaller grocery stores chains as supplies became scarce.

Stores have been cleaned out of toilet paper, pasta, eggs, flour, canned soup, hand sanitizer and frozen food.

One Georgia man ended up being wheeled out of a Sam’s Club in a stretcher after he got into a fight with another man. The two men slashed each other with broken wine bottles after their grocery carts bumped into each other.

The media continues to spread lies about President Trump and the Coronavirus because their goal is to cause civil unrest rather than report the truth.

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