JUST IN: Senate Passes Coronavirus Economic Aid Package 90-8 – Update: President Trump Signs Bill


Update: President Trump signed the Coronavirus bill.

The Senate on Wednesday afternoon passed the House’s Coronavirus economic aid package in a 90 – 8 vote.

The 8 Senators who voted against the package were all Republicans.

Two GOP Senators Cory Gardner (CO) and Rick Scott (FL) didn’t vote because they are at home in self quarantine.

The Coronavirus package bill provides expanded paid sick leave and unemployment benefits.


The Senate passed a bill Wednesday to expand paid leave and unemployment benefits in response to the coronavirus pandemic, part of a staggering response expected in the coming weeks to avoid economic calamity.

The House bill that the Senate considered provides enhanced unemployment insurance, ensures that businesses that have fewer than 500 employees offer two weeks of paid sick leave to their workers, and includes increased funding for food assistance programs and guarantees free testing for the coronavirus.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate will be working on a larger stimulus package.

Congress is working on a 3rd bill to ‘help workers and families.’

McConnell said Wednesday he would “not adjourn the Senate until we pass a far bolder package which must include significant relief for small businesses all across our country.”


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