Joe Biden Has No Regrets After Swearing at Detroit Auto Worker (VIDEO)

Old blue collar Joe has no regrets after snapping at auto workers in Detroit on Tuesday.

77-year-old Joe Biden on Tuesday snapped at auto plant workers in Detroit who confronted him about wanting to take away their guns.

Joe couldn’t take the heat and started screaming at the auto workers and even told his staffer to shut up.

“You are actively trying to diminish our Second Amendment right and take away our guns,” one auto worker said.

“You’re full of shit,” Biden retorted.

Biden then called one of the workers a “horse’s ass” after he confronted him about wanting to make AR-15s illegal.

When confronted about swearing at the union workers in the auto plant, Biden pivoted and trashed Bernie Sanders.

“Do you have regrets about how you handled it?” a reporter asked Biden referring to his explosive exchange with the auto workers.

“Well I’m surprised that Sanders is joining Trump,” said Biden.

Poor Biden is the victim (again).


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