Joe Biden Backs Taxpayer Funded Abortions During Dem Debate, Says His Healthcare Plan Requires It (Video)

Former Vice President Joe Biden asserted that his healthcare plan would “require” taxpayer funded abortions during Sunday night’s Democratic Debate.

Biden’s remarks came in response to Senator Bernie Sanders pointing out that the former VP had repeatedly voted for the Hyde Amendment, which prevents taxpayer funded abortion.

“Right now, a woman’s right to control her own body is under massive assault, unprecedented assault,” Sanders said. “Joe, you have, in the past, on more than one occasion, voted for the Hyde Amendment — which says that a low-income woman could not use Medicaid funding for an abortion. Is that still your view, or have you modified it?”

Biden responded by asserting that it is “not my view.”

“It’s not my view, and by the way, everybody who has been in the Congress voted for the Hyde Amendment at one point or another because it was locked in other bills,” Biden said.

“The reason why I affirmatively came out opposed to the Hyde Amendment was that if we’re going to have public funding for all healthcare along the line there is no way you could allow for there to be a requirement that you have Hyde Amendment. A woman who doesn’t have the money, could not have coverage under healthcare.”


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