Hateful Liberals Attack President Trump and Roger Stone Over Their Christian Faith In God

Last week, HBO’s ‘Axios’ news magazine aired a segment during their Sunday broadcast with political operative and Trump confidante Roger Stone professing his faith in God.

In the interview Stone credited Franklin Graham for urging him to accept Christ and to study the bible for strength. Stone also revealed that Rev. Mark Burns of South Carolina, a close friend of President Trump like Graham, had worked to help him renew his faith.

Stone also told Axios that he is not worried about his upcoming jail sentence of nearly four years, because he has accepted Jesus Christ as his savior.



Almost immediately, liberal rags like Wonkette, Patheos, and Media Matters viciously attacked Stone and President Trump for their Christian beliefs. Here’s a sampling of the hateful outbursts, collected and celebrated by Patheos.

Stone’s ploy with this bullsh*t, rather obviously, is to get more Trump World evangelicals to pressure their Glorious Leader for a pardon. — from leftwing loon joemygod.com

Just like Trump, Stone is playing the God card to gain sympathy from gullible evangelicals. Neither of them has really changed. They just want “Get Out of Jail Free” cards, which—sadly—evangelicals are all too willing to hand out to anyone these days. — Stephen D. Foster Jr., secular anti-God leftists who claims to be part of the “Christian left.”

The notion that Stone’s statements are acts of deception or outright lies are absolutely false.

We reported on his recent meeting with evangelist Franklin Graham, documenting how Stone witnessed with one of the most consequential faith leaders in the world. Furthermore, according to our sources, Stone has been attending Mass regularly in St Anthony’s Catholic Church in Fort Lauderdale. Father Michael Grady, who wrote Judge Amy Berman Jackson urging leniency for Stone, has continued to provide spiritual counseling for the longtime Trump advisor and political operative.

Florida Pastor: Roger Stone Witnessed With Franklin Graham, “Has Put His Faith In God”

Randy Coggins, a Florida based pastor who is another spiritual advisor to Roger, accompanied Roger Stone and his family to his recent sentencing hearing in DC, leading his family in prayer before the court session.

“The outrage and totally out of control statements that have been made concerning Roger Stone & President Trump’s Faith in God truly show the heart of the liberal left. Christianity is the most persecuted belief/religion on the planet. As a devout Christian, if I made the statements about a Muslim, Buddhist, etc — I would be drilled into the ground by the “Mainstream Media”. We live in a world and society that if you don’t believe what others believe you are automatically hated for that. This is why we must stand for God like never before as our founding fathers did when this great country was founded. I am praying for Roger Stone and President Trump as they continue their fight of Faith!”

Stone’s wife of 29 years, Nydia Stone, told TGP that her husband has gained “great strength and serenity” after renewing his faith.

While the nation waits for the corrupt and deeply biased Deep State Judge Amy Berman Jackson to rule on Stone’s motion to vacate his conviction based on the wild bias of jury foreman Tomeka Hart, it’s good to see that Roger is looking towards GOD for patience and clarity. To think that the jury was led by a woman like Hart, who regularly attacked President Trump and Roger Stone, across her social media platforms, is proof-positive that this was a sham trial in a kangaroo court.

Another day and another attack on our Christian values in America from the GODLESS LEFT, who celebrates the destruction of the nuclear family and slaughtering babies. GOD IS GREAT and nobody has a right to judge how someone comes into the faith or how they renew their standing with GOD ALMIGHTY.



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