EXCLUSIVE | Heavyweight Boxing Champ David Rodriguez: Freedom Vs Socialism Is On the 2020 Ballot, This Is A Civil War

With the partisan impeachment controversy and a never-ending barrage of Democratic accusations behind him, President Donald Trump can focus on trumpeting all the 2016 campaign pledges he’s fulfilled over the past three years as he seeks reelection in November.

He’s delivered on his promise to put American workers and American jobs first, creating over 7 million new jobs; wages are rising at a record pace; the unemployment is at a 50-year low, our military is completely rebuilt. The president has decimated ISIS, created the Space Force, reduced illegal crossings by 78% since May, the long-promised border wall is undergoing construction and he has appointed nearly 200 conservatives federal judges, assuring fundamental liberties spelled out in the Constitution will be protected for the next generation.

But the more Trump, a “rogue unguided missile against globalism,” accomplishes, the more hell-bent the leftist establishment is on carrying out a total mobilization and there is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent, warns David “Nino” Rodriguez former heavyweight boxing champion and author of  “When The Lights Go Out.”

“Trump is in a knockout, drag-out war right now with the globalist and they want this country. This is the prize possession – America is the trophy. And the only thing that is stopping them is Donald Trump,” Rodriguez argued in an exclusive interview with the Gateway Pundit. “This is a civil war. This is a fight for freedom.

“The fact that the media is eating Trump up alive, shows us that we’ve picked the right guy. The media is all owned by the globalist movement.”

There are two issues on the ballot ahead of the 2020 election, socialism and freedom – and the Democrat Party has wholeheartedly and brazenly embraced socialism, Rodriguez continued.  

“The line has been drawn in the sand: you are either on the socialist side or the side to preserve America’s freedoms, prosperity and sovereignty. You’ve got to pick a side at this point,” he said. “That’s just the way it is.

“Every election from here on is going to be the most important because the children are being indoctrinated in schools to accept and learn socialism. This is insanity. This is exactly what they did in  Nazi Germany. The youth is being taught to be accepting of it and love it.”

According to a recent Gallup poll, a staggering 76 percent of Democrat voters would back a socialist presidential candidate. While only 17 percent of Republicans and 45 percent of independents said they would support a socialist, the globalist monopoly on the hearts and minds of the misinformed American youth is one of the greatest threats the United States faces, Rodriguez surmised.

“They’re backing it because they don’t know any better, they are not studying history.  Globalism is socialism– it actually strips you of your personal freedoms and rights all people are the same, you’re born into a job, you make a certain amount of money, there is no personal independence or gain, you can’t follow your dreams– it’s an insult to God.

“Nobody is here on this earth to be the same. Everyone is here to uniquely shine and is uniquely different. Socialism takes that away from the human spirit and human endeavor. We’ve already seen socialism and communism fail throughout history. What makes Americans think it’s going to work this time? You can’t just sprinkle some socialism here and some socialism there and expect the government to not eventually take full control. With Venezuela, it took a flat 10 – years. It went into socialism and that was it, t was a wrap in 10 years’ time. That’s how fast it snowballs.”

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything, the 42-year-old El Paso boxer, who went 37-2, 36 KOs and once held the WBA-NABA and NABU Heavyweight Championships as a fighter continued.

“When I speak to people who are like ‘ugh, I don’t like to talk about politics, I don’t subscribe to that stuff’ – I just think that they’re just cop-outs. They don’t have an opinion and I lose respect for them. At this time and place in history, you better pick a side,” he said. “It’s too important of an issue to just ignore because we are all going to pay for it, one way or another. We go to socialism, or we go to nationalism and we support our country and support our president.”

Rodriguez, a professional boxing commentator who can now be seen on the Impact Network’s newly premiered boxing series, “Stars and Champions,” trained to box as a teen in the Mexican border city adjacent to El Paso — Ciudad Juárez.

Ciudad Juárez was listed in The El Paso Times as the 20th most dangerous city in the world. In 2018, the Dallas Morning News reported the city is plagued with over 200 murders per month.

The heavyweight champ said seen firsthand how illegal immigration not only jeopardizes American lives but incentivizes foreigners to tread on a journey that leads to their demise.

“I would see illegal immigrants running across the freeway – women and children. They also jump onto the Santa Fe train. They come through here, they get in their containers and there are some cases where they suffocate to death and die. How is that humane?

“There are two sides to it – there’s a lot of people here that have come from Mexico legally and made lives for themselves, they are doing very well and they are very angry at the situation that we just let anybody in here – so don’t think that all Mexicans are for illegal immigration. The people that are paying their taxes – are second generation, third generation – they understand the importance of having a wall.”

On the other hand, Rodriguez continued, illegal border crossers are also seduced by government handouts and the promise of socialism offered by Democrat lawmakers.

“There are people that come here that want their families to come here, their friends’ families and all their relatives to come here and take advantage of the system and they’re not working. Leftists always say, ‘Well, who’s going to pick the onions, and this and that?’ We now have machines doing all of that. They don’t want to take those jobs anymore either. What they do is they come and live off the system. Taxpayers should be sick of this.

“Some would rather get a check than earn one. We are sending the wrong message. It’s like come to America and you’ve won the lottery, you get to live for free.”

Granting un-vetted, foreign nationals immediate access into the U.S. is fundamental to transforming the United States into a socialist state, Rodgriguez argued.

“Erase all borders, blend all countries together and you destroy the country from within. You are take away American sovereignty when you bring in every Tom, Dick and Harry into the country, with no vetting or background checks – we don’t know who they are, they are just coming in and living off the system and they’re voters for Democrats,” he said. “Democrats need the voters and the migrants want the government programs. Democrats want everyone on these programs. Then, our taxes skyrocket and we start paying and funding these programs. And it’s not fair – you’re robbing Paul to pay Peter.

“The globalist left think walls are inhumane when actually walls are very humane. They stop drugs, they stop human trafficking, sex trafficking. So, it’s the reverse. They are humane. The cartel have to find other ways and avenues now. Having a wall is a major, major obstacle for them.”

Rodriguez is now an ambassador for We Build The Wall Inc., a citizen-funded organization that has built sections of the wall in sections of the wall on private property along the southern border.

“I immediately gave my support to Brian Kolfage and his team – I let them know, ‘Hey I back you, I am a home town kid, and this is something I can get behind.’ I have celebrity status and a following in El Paso with boxing. I am also a voice politically – I backed Donald Trump – everyone knows that.

“Despite overwhelming public support, We Build The Wall went through all kinds of obstacles and hiccups to build that wall. They tried to build it as fast as they can. They knocked it out in eleven days. Once the liberals found out about it, it was all hell. All hell broke loose. Escobar, Beto El Rourke, completely against the wall.”

Rodriguez said he’s committed to “getting messages out” to “turn the tide” before it’s too late, but has no plans to run for office.

“I want to go down on record and in history as the opposite and equal reaction to Beto O’Rourke and Veronica Escobar. I’m the opposing force standing with Trump in El Paso and the entire area of west Texas,” he said. “It’s short and simple: just have some respect. I don’t feel that God should be taken out of schools. I don’t think that prayers should be taken out of schools. I think people should stand for the flag and have respect for our soldiers. If you are going to kneel for the flag, kneel after the anthem. But during the anthem is despicable to me. That’s where Kapernick and I differ as athletes. Respect the soldiers that died for your freedom. It’s just decency. That’s all it is.”

In addition to his work on Stars and Champions, the Mexican heartthrob boxer is gearing up a return to the ring.

“I’m in the gym now, we are testing the waters. Right now, it looks like it’s going in that direction. I have one of the most impressive records in history. I was 36-0 at my peak. I was the top ten heavyweights. I had more first-round knockouts than anybody, ever, in the division. I’ve made some history, but I’m not done. I still feel there is more to do with my legacy.

“Stars and Champions which airs on the Impact Network showcases an in-depth look into the lives of fighters, the ‘sausage being made’ so to speak in the boxing world. I commentate the fights along with BJ Flores – Austin Trou, Roy Jones Jr. –there are some big names on there.”


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