Dr. Matt McCarthy – Author of “Superbugs” – Suggests Coronavirus Numbers from Korea Show Mortality Rate Closer to Flu Rather Than Something Worse (VIDEO)

Dr. Matt McCarthy, the author of “Superbugs: The Race to Stop an Epidemic” joined Stuart Varney on Monday morning to discuss the ongoing spread of the deadly coronavirus across Europe, the Middle East and now the United States.

During the discussion Dr. McCarthy said the data from South Korea is more trustworthy than the data coming from China. And the numbers from Korea suggest the coronavirus may be more like a deadly flu season than a SARS or MERS epidemic.

If there is any good news that would be it.

Dr. Matt McCarthy:  We are doing a lot of mathematical targeting. We are not using the Chinese data. We don’t find it reliable. We are using the Korean data. We think what would happen in Korea is going to be a lot more reflective of what we’re going to see in the United States. And we see about a .2 to .4 death rate.

Stuart Varney: .2 to .4 fatality rate due to coronavirus? What is it for ordinary, common variety flu?

Dr. Matt McCarthy: Well, common flu is .1% So what we’re saying here is that this would be like a very bad flu season. Well, some people say well that’s pretty reassuring? A flu season typically kills 29,000 to 69,000 people. So if we say double that, we’re talking about 50,000 Americans…

Stuart Varney: Older people greatly at risk?

Dr. Matt McCarthy:  Yup. If you’re over 80 we’re seeing an incredibly high rate. We’re also seeing for people who have co-morbid conditions. Tony Fauci said at the press conference, obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes. That’s a pretty big swath of the American public.

Of course, this is good news but there will have to be more data available before medical experts will know what they are dealing with.

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