“Does He Have No Shame?” Biden Raises Money Off of the Coronavirus Panic (VIDEO)

This is unbelievable.

Karl Rove asked Thursday night during his appearance on Fox News, “Does he have no shame?” in response to an email showing Biden was raising money off of the Coronavirus.

The final page of Biden’s email addressing the Coronavirus had a donate button.

“The man is raising money off of the Coronavirus challenge facing our country — does he have no shame? Is there no decency that says, you know what? There’s some moments when we shouldn’t be taking things and using them for crass political purposes to raise money…” Karl Rove, a senior advisor to former president George W. Bush said.


Biden attacked President Trump in a speech on Thursday over his handling of the Coronavirus.

The former Vice President slurred his way through his speech.

The Obama-Biden administration was a complete and total failure when Swine Flu swept the nation in 2009.

Not only was Obama’s response to the Swine Flu pandemic anemic, his VP, Joe Biden, made reckless comments unsupported by science and experts.

Biden’s comments drew so much criticism that the Obama admin had to apologize for his incompetence.

And now he’s raising money off of people’s fears. Truly disgusting.

Biden flashback, via, of all people, Michael Moore


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