Did Joe Biden Plagiarize His Story about the Suffering Mother? — The Same Story Was Written Up in the Oregonian Last Week (Video)

In his closing statements at Sunday night’s debate with Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden told the viewing audience about a woman who could not sit in the room with her mother suffering from coronavirus.

Joe Biden: Number one, I said at the outset I just can’t imagine what people are going through right now who have lost someone already. I can’t imagine what people are going through when they have a mom, as an example, a good friend of ours is sitting outside the window of a nursing home where her mom is because she can’t go in. Trying to do sign language to her mom in the window to be able to talk to her. I can’t imagine the fear. I guess I can imagine the fear and concern people have.

What a touching story.

It sure is odd how it sounds strangely familiar to the family members whose loved ones were patients at the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington.
29 of the 69 US deaths due to coronavirus are linked to that senior center.

Family members at the Life Center shared the same story last week.
The article was published in the Oregonian.

Family members said that since the nursing home has been locked down, they have agonized over leaving their loved ones inside and have resorted to communicating with them by tablet computers, cellphones and signs held up at the windows.

Patricia Herrick, whose 89-year-old mother died Thursday, said it was difficult to know that her mother was caught in the epicenter of the outbreak, in a room so nearby but completely inaccessible.

It looks like Joe poached the story for his closing remarks.
It wouldn’t be the first time.

Viewers were also questioning the remarks.

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