BREAKING: Percent of Deaths from the Coronavirus Compared to Deaths From the Flu in the US Reach 0.7% (155/22,000) – The World Has Gone Mad!

When compared to other societal ailments, the coronavirus is receiving much more attention.  The common flu does more damage than the coronavirus but the world seems to be reluctant to focus on anything else.

According to overnight updates, the number of coronavirus cases in the US now stands at 9,464 cases.  The number of related deaths stands at 155:

According to the CDC, the number of flu cases confirmed in the US since September currently stand at 222,552 cases with 22,000 deaths:

The number of coronavirus cases confirmed in the US as a percent of the number of flu cases confirmed in the US now stand at 4.2% (9,464/222,522).   The percent of deaths from the coronavirus to deaths from the flu is 0.7% (155/22,000).  

In the past few days the number of deaths in the US from the coronavirus passed the number flu deaths in Hong Kong (7-8 million people) which were 113.

As we reported previously, since the beginning of the year the flu in Hong Kong has been much more consequential than the coronavirus:

The Centre for Health Protection announced today that the winter flu season has ended. During this period, 113 adults died of influenza and no deaths from children were recorded. The Centre reminds the public that although the winter flu peak period has ended, citizens should continue to maintain personal and environmental hygiene to prevent respiratory diseases.

There have been 4 deaths from the coronavirus to date in 2020 in Hong Kong. 

The US is now willing to spend $1 trillion on the coronavirus.  It would be nice to see this go to other ailments where it might be better used.



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