UPDATE: Judge Grants DOJ’s Motion to Drop Mueller’s Junk Russian Bot Case Against Concord Management

Robert Mueller

Update: U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich on Monday evening granted the DOJ’s motion to dismiss the case against Concord Management and Consulting.

The judge entered a gag order on the case, according to Politico’s legal reporter Josh Gerstein.

DOJ prosecutors on Monday filed a motion to drop Mueller’s junk case against Concord Management and Consulting, hoping to avoid a trial.

Prosecutors were scheduled to go to trial in a month in a case they were never prepared to fight.

Concord surprised Mueller’s team after getting indicted when they showed up to court to play ball.

Recall, then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted a ‘Russian troll farm’ in his pathetic Russia witch hunt as a publicity stunt — and it backfired on him big time.

“In short, Concord has demonstrated its intent to reap the benefits of the Court’s jurisdiction while positioning itself to evade any real obligations or responsibility,” prosecutors said.

Prosecutors say Concord were availing themselves of U.S. legal protections while refusing to comply with their own obligations, reported Politico’s Kyle Cheney.

“Plus a “change in the balance of the government’s proof due to a classification determination” informed the decision,” he added.

It gets better…

Prosecutors are seeking to submit a classified filing to the federal judge they claim backs up their decision to dismiss Concord Management and Consulting.

“The Government has identified several considerations in its motion to dismiss that relate to the national security interests implicated by proceeding against defendants Concord Management and Consulting LLC and Concord Catering (‘Concord Defendants’). For the benefit of the Court, the Government seeks to provide information regarding these national security interests. These facts can only be filed ex parte because they are classified.”

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