Biden’s Latest Excuse For Disappearing…. His Home ‘Doesn’t Have High Ceilings Which Can Make Lighting a Challenge’ For Streaming Briefings

Biden is currently having his home in Delaware rigged up with equipment that will allow him to give briefings and interviews from his living room.

The 2020 Democrat front runner has pretty much disappeared from the public because he is practicing “social distancing” and hiding out at his Wilmington home.

Biden was planning on holding shadow Coronavirus briefings beginning on Monday in order to attack President Trump amid a pandemic outbreak.

But his team supposedly hit another snag.

According to a source with knowledge of the campaign, Biden’s new excuse for disappearing from the public is that his ceilings are too low so they just can’t get the proper lighting for his at-home briefings.

“Biden’s team is working on scaling up that infrastructure and dealing with the realities of Biden’s Wilmington home, like the fact that there aren’t particularly high ceilings, which can make lighting a challenge.”

In the meantime, since Biden isn’t up for appearing on camera, he is using Obama’s Ebola czar Ron Klain (a crooked lawyer) as a hired gun to rip the President of the United States during a global pandemic.

Even CNN ripped old Joe for his lack of communication during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The Biden campaign….is not quite ready for this moment. Biden’s an old-fashioned, handshaking politician,” CNN’s Jeff Zeleny said on Sunday. “It was clear they were not ready for the communications required for this.”

Meanwhile, President Trump is showing he is a true leader in tough times and has been giving daily briefings — and his poll numbers are soaring.

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