Watch As Smugglers Try To Breach Border And Get Stopped By Mexican Marines Proving Trump’s Policies Are Working – And Mexicans are Paying For It!


We Build The Wall Inc.’s surveillance cameras have captured video footage of two migrants attempting to illegally cross the southern border earlier this week but were pushed back by a Mexican Marine.

The attempted illegal crossing took place at a checkpoint in Sunland Park, New Mexico within a mile of where We Build the Wall, a crowdfunded nonprofit, built a three-quarter mile-long security barrier on private land.

Black-clad migrants in face masks can be seen in the footage hastily running down a cliff in a brazen attempt to breach the border wall, and then immediately changed course retreating back after realizing a Mexican marine was hot on their trail.

As the deadly new coronavirus continues to spread apace, with more than 20,500 cases confirmed worldwide and at least 425 deaths in mainland China, securing the southern border is now a public health emergency.

Chinese nationals are reportedly coming to through the U.S. southern border in increasing numbers, with absolutely no way to vet them. And U.S. Customs and Border Protection are on high alert at ports of entry across the country.

The assailants attempting to illegally cross the border could have potentially been infected with the virus, but were effectively deterred thanks to President Trump’s immigration policies, notes We Build The Wall founder Brian Kolfage.

Last year, President Trump gave Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador an ultimatum prompting Mexico to deploy hundreds of troops from its new National Guard to halt illegal immigrants from flooding across the border.

The president threatened to impose escalating tariffs on Mexico’s exports to the U.S. – a move that would devastate the Mexican economy – unless the country did more to stop migrants from reaching the U.S.

Mexico quickly complied with U.S. demands after an emergency meeting in June with U.S. officials in Washington. As a result, Mexico has since dispatched approximately 25,000 National Guard troops to detain migrants on its border with the U.S, while the number of migrants reaching the U.S. plummeted.

Detentions of migrants on the U.S. southwest border fell from 130,000 in May 2019—the highest monthly number in 13 years—to 32,800 in December 2019, according to CBP officials.

While the Trump administration to date has constructed approximately 100 miles of security barrier along the 2000 mile southern border and is slated to build another 350 miles of the border wall by the end of 2020, the president has actually kept his core 2016 campaign promise.

Mexico is paying for a “border wall,” but it’s a wall of Mexican National Guard members on the border between Mexico and Guatemala, former Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda told the Wall Street Journal.

“Trump has built his wall, and Mexico is paying for it,” he said. “It’s a human wall, and it’s in Mexico: It’s the National Guard, which is much more effective and cheaper than a wall.”

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