TRAIN WRECK: Sanders Camp to Seek Recanvass After Iowa Dem Party Releases National Delegate Totals with Buttigieg in Lead

The Iowa Democrat party released the national delegate total count on Sunday nearly ONE WEEK after the Iowa caucuses.

The entire Dem party is a train wreck.

Pete Buttigieg will walk away with 14 pledged delegates in July’s convention, Bernie Sanders with 12, Warren with 8, Creepy Hands Biden with 6, and Klobuchar with 1.

DNC chief Tom Perez was ‘outraged’ by the Iowa Dem party’s handling of the first caucus of the season and called for a recanvass after partial, fudged results were released.

The Dem establishment has not conducted an official recanvass so Bernie Sanders is taking matters into his own hands and will seek a recanvass after the latest update to the precinct results.

Axios reported:

  • The Iowa Democratic Party has not said where there will be an official recanvass, which DNC chair Tom Perez called for after a delay in results from last week’s caucuses.
  • But Sanders’ campaign told several news outlets that he would request one before the 1 p.m. Monday deadline.
  • The party has not yet released a statement that explains the updates to precinct results or that accounts for additional potential errors flagged by campaigns and news organizations.

In case you missed it, Pete Buttigieg won a delegate in a tied precinct in Iowa last week after a shady coin toss.

The young man in charge of the coin toss between Buttigieg and Klobuchar had no idea what he was doing.

And no one stepped in to redo the coin toss.

Seems legit.


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