“That’s Pencil Neck… Little Pencil” – PRESIDENT TRUMP UNLOADS on Pencil-Neck Schiff and Fake News Media on Latest Anonymous Russia Hoax (VIDEO)

President Trump held another MASSIVE rally on Friday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During the rally President Trump responded to the latest anonymous reports that Russia is wanting to help President Trump in his 2020 election.
What nonsense.

President Trump UNLOADED on Democrats and the fake news media today:

President Trump: These people are sick. That’s pencil neck. Pencil neck again. Little Pencil. I just see it again. I was told it was happening. I was told a week ago they’re trying to start a rumor. It’s disinformation. It’s the only thing they’re good at. They’re not good at anything else. They get nothing done.

This man truly is the best.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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