“Stunning” – CNN Admits Biden’s 2020 Run Doomed, ‘A Former Two-Term VP Isn’t Even Finishing in Top Four In New Hampshire’ (VIDEO)

You know it’s bad when CNN admits old Joe’s 2020 campaign is doomed.

CNN’s Dana Bash on Tuesday night said the biggest story of the night is the fact that a former two-term Vice President isn’t even finishing top four in the New Hampshire primaries.

The Dems threw impeachment at Trump while the fake news media apparatus propped up Joe Biden — and Biden’s campaign is still in a death spiral.

“We also have to take a moment and digest the fact that a former two-term Vice President of the United States — uh — didn’t even place…it looks like he’s headed toward not even placing in the top four,” Dana Bash said.

“Not even getting enough support to get one delegate from New Hampshire. I mean that is stunning!” Bash said. “It is by far one of the biggest story lines of the night.”

Jake Tapper then chimed in, “No one has ever come in 4th in Iowa and 5th in New Hampshire and then gone on to get the nomination.”


At the time of this publication, Bernie Sanders is in the lead in New Hampshire with 26.0%, Buttigieg in second place with 24.3% and Klobuchar is at 19.9%

Warren and Biden got blown out Tuesday night and will receive zero delegates from New Hampshire.

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