Serial Liar Adam Schiff Demands Trump be Removed From Office in Closing Argument (VIDEO)

Impeachment manager Schiff begged like a dog on the Senate floor on Monday for President Trump to be removed from office in his closing argument.

Serial liar Adam Schiff invoked the late Rep. Cummings as he begged senators to convict Trump and remove him from office for non-crimes in an election year.

“Today we urge you in the face of overwhelming evidence of the president’s guilt and knowing that if left in office he will continue to seek foreign interference in the next election, to vote to convict on both Articles of Impeachment and to remove from office Donald J. Trump…” Schiff said.


GOP senators on Friday voted 51-49 to block additional witnesses in the impeachment trial.

Murkowski put the final nail in the coffin when she announced she would not be voting in favor of new witnesses.

The senate will cast the final vote on Wednesday to acquit President Trump.

The Democrats won’t stop harassing President Trump after this impeachment charade ends.

Politico’s Anna Palmer told the panel on Sunday that she’s hearing from Democrat operatives on The Hill that this isn’t the last time President Trump is impeached.

“I’m up at the Capitol a lot, and I actually think this is not ending in the Senate. The House Democrats are going to want to hear from John Bolton, they are going to want to continue the investigation. I was talking to an operative just this week and they were saying this is not going to be the last time this President is impeached,” Anna Palmer said.

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