PURE MARXISM: Reddit Purges Moderators on Pro-Trump “The Donald” Page and Offers a List of Acceptable “Approved and Vetted” Candidates to Replace Them

Last June Reddit quarantined the LARGEST Pro-Trump forum online today — just as election season begins.

Reddit refused to allow clever memes and pro-Trump discussion!
Not on their platform!

It was too damaging to Democrats.

‘The Donald’ Reddit page tweeted this out at the time.


The Donald Reddit page is one of the most popular pages on Reddit.


Meanwhile, weak Republicans twiddled their thumbs.

More… It was random users that were deleted.

In 2017 after the election of Donald Trump as US President  Reddit banned all links to Gateway Pundit on their platform. We were too effective and disruptive to the liberal media narrative.

So they blocked all Gateway Pundit links.

Now Reddit is telling “The Donald” page that their moderators were banned and they can only pick from “vetted and approved” applicants to replace them.

This is the same policy communist China pushes on Hong Kong.  It is a common practice in Marxist regimes.

Via Reclaim the Net:

Ever since becoming one of the most popular subreddits on the site, The Donald has faced mounting censorship at the hands of Reddit admins.

And now, in a move that one of its top users is suggesting will kill the subreddit, users of The Donald are reporting that half of the top moderators have been purged and will be replaced with Reddit approved moderators.

In a message sent to the remaining moderators, Reddit admins wrote that they had banned some moderators because they had not “acted in good faith” to bring the community “in line with our policies.”

The Reddit admins will be giving the remaining moderators a “list of vetted and approved applicants” they can choose from to replace the banned moderators.

Users that have more than 500 karma in quarantined subreddits outside of The Donald will not be allowed on the list of approved applicants.

Via Jack Posobiec.

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