Portland Police RETREAT From Protest Line After Antifa Thugs Throw Bottles, Eggs and Projectiles at Officers (VIDEOS)

Awakening from their winter hibernation, the Antifa terrorists who run the streets of Portland have resumed their well-reputed antics. Evidently a literal KKK rally was to take place in the city today, which the organizers had canceled by morning. This didn’t stop the throngs of masked Antifa, who showed up anyway to cause chaos.

“Law enforcement” officers from the Portland police bureau and Multnomah county Sheriff’s department can be seen retreating after Antifa pelts them with eggs and other debris.

(Note: Shane Burley is a crazed leftist “journalist” who makes every excuse for Antifa’s violent behavior while sensationalizing the actions of others)

Knowing they have full control over the police and can get away with anything they want, Antifa responds to the “police” orders by throwing more debris at them.

With the “police” neutralized, Antifa was then free to attack anyone, as they shove a small female into oncoming traffic and chase out another guy who looks like one of them.

Keep in mind this is all going on literally in front of the “police” headquarters.

But then the police come rushing in to arrest people who have been chased away by the Antifa terrorists. Here’s street videographer Brandon Farley being chased down by Antifa, then arrested by police.

Apparently being backed out into, and across, the street, toward the police, is what caused them to arrest Farley:

Another videographer from the Stumptown Matters channel on YouTube was chased away by about 30 antifa thugs, egged on by notorious instigator Luis Marquez. At around :50 second mark of his video an officer tells him the police won’t protect him. “If you go over there, we’re not gonna come out and save you” says the “officer.” “You better come up with a different plan like go somewhere else” the cops tell him.

As the videographer puts it: “The riot police confronted me and told me that if I go back out where I was, then they wouldn’t protect me. Implying once again that masked thugs run the streets of Portland Oregon and if you are targeted by them, then you are the problem according to Portland police.”

Here they are chasing away Kif Davis, another street videographer, as the echos of the “police” bureau’s empty threats ring through the area.

Yet another videographer, Brandon Brown, was also targeted. Perhaps he should consider himself lucky that he only received a face full of pepper spray and wasn’t beaten, robbed, and then arrested for existing.

YouTuber Portland Andy (not to be confused with Andy Ngo) also fell victim to the Antifa terrorists while livestreaming.

You can check out Portland Andy’s stream here (Action starts around 1:22:40)


To make it look like they are doing their job, the Portland “police” Bureau tweeted out that they had arrested two individuals.

Note how vague they are about who was arrested and why. This way they can keep up the illusion that they are keeping things under control. Those who only casually pay attention will be led to believe the police are arresting the rioters.

But they did eventually arrest one Antifa thug.


At the end of the day, recently promoted deputy chief Chris Davis tweeted out what a great job everyone did. During the election week riots of 2016, then-Commander Chris Davis assisted the rioters by ordering officers to shut down the freeway.

Hopefully AG Barr will turn his sights on launching a full investigation into Davis’s penchant for helping domestic terrorists take over the city.

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