‘PATHETIC’: Tech Company Paying ‘Influencers’ To Tune Out Trump’s Super Bowl Ads

A left-wing tech start-up is launching a #MuteTrump social media campaign in an effort to galvanize Super Bowl viewers to tune out during the two ads President Donald Trump is slated to air during the nation’s most-watched sporting event.

Main Street One, a New York-based intelligence firm which aims to “fix internet discourse” according to its website, sent out a blast text on Friday notifying supporters on its mailing list that it is paying “influencers” to direct their friends to turn off their televisions when the president’s ad airs using the hashtag #MuteTrump.

“We’re building a movement to #MuteTrump!” Main Street One’s Digital Relational Organizer Stone Van Camp wrote. “Trump has reserved a commercial spot during the Super Bowl and we want to get as many people as we can to tune him out! If you’re tired of the lies, the tweets, and the hateful rhetoric he uses to divide our country, join us.”

Americans who have “seen him on TV and wanted to tell him to just ‘shut up’” should submit an application to Mainstream One and receive compensation for participating in the anti-Trump campaign, Camp wrote.

“We’re recruiting Instagram users like you to post #MuteTrump and tell your friends why you’re turning off his ad when it airs. This is a paid influencer opportunity, so don’t miss out on the chance to #MuteTrump and get compensated for your support,” the text states. “If you are interested in working with us, I have attached the link to our application below. There, you’ll be able to review all relevant details, name your price, and submit your application. We hope you’ll join our movement and look forward to hearing back from you.”

According to its website, “Main Street One repairs harmful narratives and advances positive ones on behalf of causes, campaigns, and companies. Our intelligence system tracks opportunities to shift public discourse and then outputs messages and content to change the outcome.”

The founder and CEO of Main Street One, Curtis Hougland, specializes in combating “hate speech and online extremism” and “right-wing voices,” Vanity Fair reports. “While Hougland is not a boldface name in Washington, he is one of several outside-the-Beltway technologists working to usher Democratic politics into the social media age, with peers, influencers, and rogues often commanding more power and trust than traditional institutions do.”

Hougland founded Main Street One in 2016 after it became clear conservatives were masterfully using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest to dismantle liberal narratives by disseminating “junk news, misleading statistics, and links designed to inflame voter sentiment around hot-button cultural issues like race, immigration, and identity,” Vanity Fair notes.

“One side had weaponized the internet, and one side hadn’t,” Hougland told the publication in June. “Democrats want to focus on facts and figures. The other side plays into fears and taps into emotions, and they show it to you. It’s all about emotional resonance.”

President Trump is slated to air two 30-second ads during this Sunday’s Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs which cost about $5 million each.

The president will be featured in the campaign ad touting the robust US economy – the “best wage growth in a decade,” “unemployment rate sinking to a 49-year low,” and “employment for African Americans fell to a new low”– and promises “the best is yet to come.”

“America demanded change and change is what we got,” the narrator says in the ad released by the Republican Party on Thursday. “And change is what we got. Under President Trump, America is stronger, safer and more prosperous than ever before.”

We Build The Wall Inc., a crowdfunded non-profit organization that is constructing sections of the wall along the southern border, told the Gateway Pundit its donors are getting inundated with notifications and emails to #MuteTrump.

Main Street One’s social media campaign is “pathetic,” a WBW donor told the Gateway Pundit on Saturday.

“The left has failed at just about everything – trying to frame Trump with Russia collusion, impeachment, and even money-hungry strippers. Now it’s a silly hashtag to mute Trump,” the donor, who asked to remain anonymous, said. “It has only made the president stronger. Meanwhile, just look at the overflowing, massive attendance at his rallies compared to the empty seat – less than 50 people – attending warren Biden or Bloomberg campaign stops.

“Triggered Democrats continually show how pathetic they can be,” she continued. “They seem to forget they are the ones on the wrong side of history and Americans overwhelmingly voted to elect President Trump. This is just another failed attempt to silence someone they fear, it’s what they do across America to anyone who exposes their hypocrisy.”

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