Leading Democrat Bernie Sanders Doubles Down On His Fidel Castro Support In 60 Minutes Interview

Bernie the commie continues to show he is oblivious to history and reality. He has previously taken flak for voicing his support for communist regimes, such as Cuba and the Soviet Union, while sometimes blaming America for the failures of those systems. But rather than realize it was a mistake to support murderous dictators of decades past, Bernie is doubling down and continuing to say great things about Fidel Castro and the Cuban communist revolution.

Anderson Cooper recently sat down with Bernie for 60 Minutes, and when asked about his previous statements on the comunistas, he said, “When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literary program. Is that a bad thing, even though Fidel Castro did it?” Cooper asks him about the dissidents who were imprisoned, and Bernie goes “That’s right. And we condemn that, unlike Donald Trump, let’s be clear.”

Will AP and Snopes “fact check” Bernie’s last statement?

Bernie’s comments were so inflammatory that even deranged leftist Ana Narvarro started dragging him.

Of course this drew throngs of others on twitter to join in the Bernie Bashing:

That “literacy program”? Just communist propaganda.


But it also drew out hardcore communists, who are defending Bernie.




Perhaps this was some establishment DNC ambush to take down Bernie, as they clearly don’t want him to be the nominee. And don’t forget, Bernie’s own staffers were recently caught on hidden camera talking about how they will throw dissenters and the rich into prison camps once they seize power here.

At least he combed his hair for the interview.


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