Keith Ellison Denies Bernie Bros Are Mean or Rude, Asks for Examples of Them Being Bad–Steve Scalise, Who Was Shot by a Bernie Bro, Replies

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (DFL), who has endorsed Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT), sought to defend the reputation of Bernie Bros–aggressive male supporters of Sanders who have come under criticism for their online behavior and real world violence such that Sanders himself mildly disavowed their behavior, saying at Wednesday night’s debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, saying, “We have more than 10.6 million people on Twitter, and 99.9 percent of them are decent human beings. If there are a few people who make ugly remarks, I disown those people. They are not part of our movement.”

Ellison wrote on Twitter Wednesday after the debate, “I have never seen @BernieSanders supporters being unusually mean or rude. Can someone send me an example of a “Bernie Bro” being bad. Also, are we holding all candidates responsible for the behavior of some of their supporters? Waiting to hear.”

House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) dryly replied to Ellison, saying, “I can think of an example.”

Side by side screen capture for posterity:

Scalise was shot and grievously wounded by a Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign volunteer, James Hodgkinson, who engaged in a mass shooting attack on Republican congressmen at a softball practice in Aleandria, Virginia on June 14, 2017. Also shot in the attack were U.S. Capitol Police officer Crystal Griner, congressional aide Zack Barth and lobbyist Matt Mika. Hodgkinson died from wounds received from responding gunfire by police.

Scalise, who went through a reported nine surgeries as a result of the shooting but was permanently wounded, posted a video last June on the second anniversary of the attack celebrating his recovery.

There has apparently been no response from Ellison as of publication of this article. Ellison, then a representative from Minnesota’s 5th District, served in Congress with Scalise at the time of the shooting.

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