Joe Biden Bombs on ‘The View’ – Says His Crackhead Son Hunter ‘Has Done Nothing But Good Things His Whole Life’ (VIDEO)

“5th Place Biden” on Thursday told the far-left women of “The View” that his philandering crackhead son Hunter has only done good his whole life.

Biden bombed his appearance on ‘The View’ because he was on the defense the entire time — defending his spiraling campaign and defending his son Hunter who has turned out to be a huge liability for him.

Biden stuck to his talking points after finishing in 4th place in Iowa and 5th place in New Hampshire: “You know, we had the first two rounds, made up about two percent of the public. I’m heading south now where I feel good.”

Biden the bully said if he was in high school he’d love to ‘be in a room’ with Trump for attacking his son Hunter.

Then he defended Hunter, a deadbeat dad who refused to pay child support to his baby mama Lunden Roberts for over a year.

Hunter was kicked out of the Navy for drug use and stole his dead brother’s identity when he made false statements to the police after a used crackpipe was found in his rental car.

“And look, nobody has said he’s done anything wrong. This is a guy who has done nothing but good things his whole life, my son, and ran the food program USA, a whole range of things.”

Hunter is also the subject of multiple criminal investigations related to fraud. money laundering and counterfeiting scheme related to Ukraine and Burisma Holdings.

Court filings also allege that Hunter Biden was involved in a plot to rip off Sioux Native Americans for $60 million through the sale of tribal bonds.

But Hunter has never done anything wrong. Just ask old Joe.

What a disaster of an interview!


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