Italy’s Radical Leftists Vote to Allow Prosecution of Former Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini for Refusing Migrant “Invaders” from Far Left NGO Ship

The Italian Senate voted that former Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is eligible for prosecution for preventing migrants from a European NGO ship from landing in Italy.

An Italian court eventually forced authorities to accept the ship of third world migrants into their country.

The Houston Chronical reports:

The Italian Senate voted by a large margin Wednesday to allow the prosecution of right-wing opposition leader Matteo Salvini for making 131 rescued migrants to remain on a coast guard vessel for days when he was Italy’s interior minister.

Salvini’s fellow senators let stand a Senate commission’s vote to lift his immunity as a lawmaker so Italy’s Tribunal of Ministers can decide if he effectively held the migrants hostage last summer.

The Senate vote fell 84 short of the number needed to overturn its commission’s decision on Salvini’s immunity last month. Salvini insisted during Wednesday’s pre-vote debate that he would be proud to stand trial for defending Italy’s borders, but senators from his anti-migrant League skipped the vote.

Once the tally was announced, he immediately compared himself to impeached U.S. President Donald Trump, who has called the investigations during his presidency as the work of Democratic opponents and vindictive political enemies on the left.

“I, like Trump?” Salvini tweeted. ”He has a few more billions and a few more years, but it’s a bad little habit of the left, going around in the world, to try to win by judicial means.”

Amy Mek has a twitter thread that discusses the very popular Salvini’s actions:

Salvini claimed the migrants were invading Italy:

The migrants are shipped from far left NGO vessels:

The EU is a mess as the NGOs are reshaping the continent:

Salvini is very popular in Italy:

Salvini is VERY popular in Italy – this was in Italy in August 2018:

Elitists and leftists are doing all they can to disrupt peace and prosperity for the common man around the world and people everywhere are seeing this and voting for change.

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