“I Don’t Need a Lesson From Anybody!” – Pelosi Pounds Her Hand on Podium After Reporter Suggests Ripping Trump’s SOTU Speech Backfired (VIDEO)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a press conference on Thursday and used her platform to once again attack President Trump.

Pelosi lashed out at CNN reporter Manu Raju after he asked her if ripping up Trump’s SOTU speech sent the wrong message.

Pelosi slammed her hand on the lectern several times as she yelled, “I don’t need a lesson from anybody!”

“Did you step on that message [taking the high ground] by tearing up the State of the Union?” Manu Raju asked.

“No I did not! No I did not!” Pelosi responded.

“I tore up a manifesto of mistruths. It’s very hard for us to get you to talk about the issues that we are working on,” Pelosi said slamming her hand on the lectern.

“It was necessary to get the attention of the American people, to say this is not true…And I don’t need any lessons from anybody, especially the president of the United States, about dignity.”


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