Good News! Conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Kelly Trounces Dems in Non-Partisan Primary

In a preview of the upcoming Wisconsin 2020 Primary and General Elections, conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly slaughtered his two Democrat opponents in Tuesday’s nonpartisan open primary.

Justice Daniel Kelly with Governor Scott Walker in 206

Democrats were looking to steal the seat in the non-partisan primary.

Democrats were hoping low statewide voter turnout, with the benefit of higher turnout in Milwaukee municipal primaries, would have helped their two left-wing candidates knock the lone conservative Kelly off the general election ballot on April 7, 2020. That proved unsuccessful with Kelly pulling in 50% of the overall vote to liberals Jill Karofsky’s 37% and Joe Fallone’s 13%, leaving only Karofsky to face Justice Kelly in April.

Vote totals, however, show the race was extremely tight if you combine left-wing support for Karofsky and Fallone, which is the likely scenario in the general election.

Kelly, who was appointed by Governor Scott Walker in 2016, is seeking a full 10-year term, and this will likely depend on a large April primary turnout for President Donald J. Trump to push him over the edge.

Democrats have long coveted the power of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court to overturn former Governor Scott Walker’s successful labor union reforms, commonly referred to as Act 10, after years of childish demonstrations outside the Capitol in Madison failed to convince the sensible public.



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