Flynn Defense Hits Mueller’s Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack – Accuses Him of Suppressing Evidence to ‘Protect His Team From Discovery of Their Crimes’

General Mike Flynn’s defense team on Tuesday hit Mueller’s prosecutor Brandon Van Grack in a new filing in support of his motion to dismiss the case for “egregious government misconduct.”

Flynn’s defense argued the government withheld evidence exculpatory to Flynn as a series of retaliatory actions against Flynn.

Flynn’s lawyers accused Brandon Van Grack of suppressing evidence to protect “the prosecutors, his team, and the cadre of malfeasant FBI agents from the discovery of their negligence, crimes, and wrongs.”

“Mr. Van Grack has suppressed evidence from the formation of the “Special Counsel Investigation” and likely even prior to it — for the very purpose of putting Mr. Flynn in the unjust position he now occupies while protecting the prosecutors, his team, and the cadre of malfeasant FBI agents from the discovery of their negligence, crimes, and wrongs,” Flynn’s lawyer wrote.

“There is a veritable litany of government misconduct here that is “outrageous” or “grossly shocking” and mandates dismissal of this prosecution.”

Last Monday Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan canceled General Flynn’s sentencing scheduled for February 27 “until further order of the court.”

General Flynn formally asked to withdraw his guilty plea last month and accused federal prosecutors of “egregious government misconduct.”

Federal prosecutors then backed down and offered Flynn probation after asking for up to six months prison time.

Flynn’s lawyers are still working through withdrawing Flynn’s guilty plea because the government asked for an extension to consider Flynn’s motion to withdraw his plea.

Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell opposed the extension and argued, “The Department of Justice should agree to the withdrawal of the plea. Accordingly we oppose any further extension of the briefing schedule.”

So Judge Sullivan indefinitely postponed Flynn’s sentencing hearing.

Sidney Powell appeared on Fox News this weekend and blasted the crooked FBI cabal and Brandon Van Grack for ‘losing’ the FBI 302 report on General Flynn.


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