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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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China Update: Hong Kong Places 14 Day Quarantine on Mainland Chinese – Toilet Paper and Condoms in Short Supply

Live from Hong Kong

Hong Kong institutes a policy to quarantine all mainland Chinese coming into the country while other countries add Hong Kong to list of countries who they will quarantine.

Overnight the BBC reported:

Hong Kong is to impose a mandatory 14-day quarantine on all visitors from mainland China as it battles to prevent the spread of a coronavirus outbreak.

The policy comes into effect on Saturday but officials refused to close the border entirely, as demanded by medical staff who have gone on strike.

Hong Kong, which has 21 confirmed cases and one fatality, suffered 300 deaths in the Sars outbreak in 2002-03.

There are 24,300 confirmed coronavirus cases and 490 deaths on the mainland. [some reports are more than 560 deaths now]

In Hong Kong there is a shortage still on toilet paper as fears grow of it running out:

Those who make it to the store on time are stocking up:

Others have identified a new use for condoms:

Either because of its new use or because people are getting frisky at home waiting the coronavirus out, condoms are now also in short supply:

The coronavirus pandemic continues on.

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