China Update: Coronavirus Causing Boredom, Run on Toilet Paper and Aggressive Govt. Tactics on Infected People

Live from Hong Kong

The China coronavirus is causing boredom, shortages and aggressive tactics against those infected with the virus.

Reports coming out of China show the regime getting very aggressive with those infected with the coronavirus:

In addition there is a run on toilet paper as it was reported that a TP manufacturer in China will be shut down for a time because of the virus:

There is now a run on TP in Hong Kong with shelves emptying out today:

There also is a lot of boredom as people are scared to go outside with fears of catching the virus.  Because of this, numbers of Chinese are stuck in their small apartments with little to do:

This young man made himself into a TP queen.  Better hope he doesn’t just throw that TP away!

China, Hong Kong and Asia are greatly affected by the coronavirus.

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