Charlie Kirk Backs Pelosi Challenger “We Must Challenge Anti-American Pelosi”

The man behind one of the nation’s largest conservative organizations has officially backed DeAnna Lorraine in her bid to unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in California’s 12th district. Kirk, the man behind TPUSA, which is active on over 1,500 campuses around the United States, has President Trump’s ear with his online activism and viral tweets.

Speaking exclusively to TGP about the endorsement, Lorraine had this to say.

“Nancy Pelosi says she’s “prayerful,” but why hasn’t she prayed and fought for the unborn? Why is she tearing the country apart instead of unifying us and focusing on our great achievements?”

Earlier in the day, Ms. Lorraine also earned the support of Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, a mega-church based in Southern California that is extremely popular within the MAGA movement. Hibbs has been a fixture at evangelical events supporting President Trump’s re-election and is one of the most recognizable faith leaders in America. He has urged voters to “vote biblical” in 2020.

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