Cancer Stricken Teen Kylee Dixon Reunited With Mother As DHS Drops Case After 9 Month Ordeal

13 year old Kylee Dixon has officially been reunited with her mother after a 9 month ordeal where the Oregon Department of Human Services child welfare division stripped Christine Dixon of her parental rights as her daughter battled cancer.

Today, Judge Heather Karabeika granted Christine’s motion to dismiss the case, and DHS officials did not object, as Kylee had surgery 2 weeks ago and that was their main objective. DHS had been the legal guardian for the past few months.

Escorted in by deputies and accompanied by her state appointed attorney, Kylee wore the same big pink beanie hat she wore during last week’s hearing. She was smiling and seemed to be in good spirits.

As Judge Karabeika announced she would grant the motion to dismiss, the courtroom erupted in cheers as family and friends couldn’t contain their emotion. The judge ordered a recess so everyone could rejoice. Kylee and her mother immediately embraced as others rallied around them.

When court resumed session, Kylee’s state appointed attorney said she has never been so happy to see a case over with.

The criminal charges against Christine are still pending from her kidnapping her own daughter last summer.

The estranged father, James Dixon, was once again present in the court room, despite Kylee’s repeated wishes that he not attend.

This time, Kylee spoke freely in her own words about her father. She referred to him not as dad or father, but by Jim Dixon, and described him as merely a “sperm donor” who hasn’t been a part of her life in 5 years. Kylee told tales of her father’s drunken escapades, that included drinking and driving, and where she was afraid to be around him due to his history of sexual abuse. She has been terrified and disgusted to be in his presence. Kylee stated that if it weren’t for her mother and her supporters, she wouldn’t be able to go through with being in the same room as him.

Somehow, the father is the good guy. He was previous investigated for possible rape charges last year but the district attorneys dropped the case.

Outside of the courthouse, the Christine and Kylee celebrated with their supporters who had been rallying in support of the family for several months and protesting against the DHS officials.

Several people confronted the father afterwards, who left via the side door.

The Dixon family and supporters after the DHS case was dismissed.
Kylee Dixon with Cowboy Grandma Lee Gayer Robbins
Christine and Kylee take selfies on the steps of the courthouse
Christine and Kylee Dixon out front of the Clackamas County courthouse
Christine Dixon and activist Kelli Stewart
Kylee Dixon and her mother, Christine, live streaming
Christine Dixon speaks to her supporters



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