Buttigieg Campaign Says Nevada Caucus Was ‘Plagued With Errors and Inconsistencies’ After He Loses

The Pete Buttigieg campaign is raising alarms about the Nevada caucuses, saying that it was “plagued with errors and inconsistencies” after he lost.

Buttigieg was far less concerned about the massive irregularities in Iowa, where he claimed victory despite there still not being full results returned.

The Associated Press reports that the campaign sent a letter to the Nevada State Democratic Party on Saturday evening saying that the process of integrating four days of early voting into in-person caucuses held Saturday was “plagued with errors and inconsistencies.”

The letter claims that there was more than 200 reports of problems allocating votes. One of the biggest issues, they claim, is that the people who were running the caucuses did not appear to follow rules that might have allowed candidates to pick up more support during a second round of voting.

Buttigieg’s campaign is now calling for the party to “release more detail of the votes and address concerns before releasing final results,” according to the AP report.

Sanders won the Nevada caucuses by a clear landslide, with Joe Biden coming in second and Buttigieg placing in third.

“Buttigieg’s deputy campaign manager Hari Sevugan says in a statement that the campaign’s own data shows a ‘razor thin’ margin for second place and questioned whether the ‘irregularities and a number of unresolved questions’ could change the final results,” AP reports.

Following his loss, Buttigieg gave a speech warning against the party nominating Senator Sanders.

“Sen. Sanders, on the other hand, is ignoring, dismissing, or even attacking the very Democrats we absolutely must send to Capitol Hill in order to keep Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, in order to support judges who respect privacy and democracy, and in order to send Mitch McConnell into retirement. Let’s listen to what those voices are telling us,” Buttigieg said during his speech.

Buttigieg accused Sanders of promoting pie-in-the-sky ideological purity that would lead the party to lose in 2020.

“That is the choice before us: We can prioritize either ideological purity or inclusive victory. We can either call people names online or we can call them into our movement. We can either tighten a narrow and hardcore base or open the tent to a new, broad, big-hearted American coalition,” Buttigieg said.

Sanders is now expected to overtake Buttigieg in the delegate count.