BREAKING: Dem Sen. Manchin Announces He Will Vote “Yes” on Articles of Impeachment

Joe Manchin

So-called ‘moderate’ Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) announced Wednesday he will vote to convict President Trump in the impeachment trial.

Manchin signaled earlier this week that he may vote against impeachment and asked for Trump to be censured.

The Democrat from West Virginia made up his mind and said he will vote “yes” to convict Trump.

‘I must vote yes on the articles of impeachment. I take no pleasure in these votes, and am saddened this is the legacy we leave our children and grandchildren,’ Manchin said.

The senate will be voting on the verdict shortly.

RINO Senator Romney announced Wednesday that he will be voting with the Democrats in favor of impeachment on article one “Abuse of Power.”

No other Republican defectors are expected so President Trump will be acquitted this afternoon.

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