And She Was a Top Official at FBI?… Corrupt Former FBI Attorney Lisa Page Thinks Negative Comments to Her Tweets Are From Bots

The FBI needs to do better… MUCH better.

The corrupt former attorney at the FBI who resigned in shame, believes the nasty comments to her tweets on Twitter are from bots.  Lisa Page has no idea how much she’s hated for her efforts in the planned coup of President Trump.

Yesterday Lisa Page gave a toast to her fellow Deep State FBI crook Andrew McCabe after he was not indicted for lying to the FBI under oath three times yesterday.  Here are some responses to her tweet:

Of course the comments to her tweet were as priceless as the the tweet itself.  She clearly has no idea why President Trump won the 2016 election.

Page apparently thinks the unflattering comments to her tweets are from bots.  Brandon Straka from “Walk Away” fame tweeted the following about Page yesterday:

The report on Page’s bots includes comments from far left Lawfare and Benjamin Wittes:

Over the weekend, Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes brought to my attention a suspicious pattern of replies to Page’s tweet. A significant number of replies invoked the same oddly specific misogynistic epithet: “homewrecker.” He wondered: Could these odd replies be a part of an automated attack against Page? Plugging the usernames of the responding accounts into Bot Sentinel’s service, Wittes showed that the overwhelming majority of the users tweeting hostile replies had a relatively high resemblance to automated trollbot accounts.

These people can’t understand how a dirty cop who cheated with another dirty cop while partaking in an effort to overthrow the President of the United States could possibly receive any negative comments on her tweets… and they call Trump supporters ignorant?

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