AMAZING New Study by Frontier Center: Trump and the Ladies – Why Women Love Trump in 2020 and Are Ready to Fight For His Reelection

A report released Friday morning by The Frontier Center shows President Trump’s biggest female fans are feeling energized. 

Women are also feeling empowered and ready to fight for him in 2020.

This is an update to their 2016 report on why women support Trump.  It shows these women believe they have been confirmed in their initial judgment to support Donald Trump for president.

Here are the four deep values that explain why these women will fight for President Trump in 2020:

  • Community is affirmed as everyone prospers.
  • Peace of Mind that he is authentic and a fighter, (which is why he is the only one who can drain the Swamp).
  • His accessibility (Twitter) to them and visible association with shunned causes and people shows he is Relatable and they share a value for Anti-Elitism.
  • Exuberance of Freedom at having been proven right–again–as his policies reap rewards for the economy and women adopt his bravery in standing up to their own cultural “bullies.”

Read more about… the policies they prioritize, why they feel he’s a role model to the next generation, how they feel he is innovating the way their values are implemented on the national stage.  And discover why women want President Trump to “hold politicians accountable for attacking him for three years” in the full report.


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