AERIAL ATTACK: “Pelosi For Prison” Banner Spotted In The Skies of San Fran

Days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bitterly ripped up President Trump’s SOTU speech, DeAnna Lorraine, the leading GOP candidate running against the bitter impeachment queen, contracted a plane to fly around San Francisco with a banner in tow that read “Pelosi For Prison”

Lorraine posted a photo of the airplane flying around the city on her Twitter account early Thursday morning and told this Gateway Pundit reporter that the plane will circle San Fran for several hours.

“I am running for Congress to clean out the corruption that is Nancy Pelosi. Instead of caring for the people of San Francisco and advancing their issues on a national scale, she spends her time conducting asinine impeachments, petulant theatrical tantrums and ripping apart the President’s State of the Union Speech,” said Lorraine.

The banner, which measures a whopping 25×80 feet, promotes, a splash page petition site where the upstart candidate encourages people to put Pelosi in prison for her crimes against America. DeAnna bills the House Speaker as a “known violator” of our Constitution and accuses the pickled partisan of using her political power for personal financial gain.

“It’s past time we start hitting her hard on her record of poor leadership and egregious crimes against America, and I look very much forward to retiring her in November.”

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